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Bio: New Combi Boiler

How do you stop the cost of a new combi boiler turning into a financial bad dream?
We help carry out this by being clear & practical with our offers & costs, try us!
A new combi boiler paying by cash, card or monthly is the way.

Let's be completely honest, nobody prefers to purchase a new combi boiler straight-out or even monthly, but unfortunately sometimes it happens, whether we like it or not ... How do you resolve this? Well we can only give you pointers, guidance & a reasonable quote, then it depends on you ...


Quite simply, facts are what consumers want.

New combi boiler supply & installation prices that are easy to understand and realistically priced.
Transparent, straightforward, knowledgeable and without hidden extras.

People need the peace of mind that the cost you see estimated online will in virtually every case be the price you pay., especially when a home survey is undertaken.

Do we carry out this? Yes, in 99% of cases we honour the web price, or perhaps lower it ... The other 1% is often considerations beyond our control, oversights when using our app etc