12 exercises for treating poor eyesight to return 'good' again
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12 exercises for treating poor eyesight to return 'good' again
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7 Easy Exercises to Maintain Eyesight All trainees must undergo an eye check from the rehabilitation joker game center every time to accurately analyze the plan and determine the recovery period.

Let's start with the eye measurement.
Measured by computer
Measure your eyesight with the Snellen Chart
Eye value one by one without glasses, after that, put on the existing eyeglasses
Reading at regular intervals for people aged 40 years and over (approximately 40 centimeters).

Exercise 1. Eye washing.
                Eyewashing is easy and very useful as it keeps our eyes moisturized, clean, and blood flowed well.

Equipment: Eyewash cup, clean water or drinking water, but the PH value of clean water, but not much.

Presbyopia, aging and astigmatism, rinse the eyes with warm water.
Myopia, use normal temperature water to wash the eyes.
Method :: Pour a full cup of water, Jajang, bow his head and forget to look at it in the same way. Every time you finish washing one side, drain the water.

The first position looks left and right, looks to the right and then to the left for a total of 2 times.
Step 2 Look up and look down, look down, then look up for a total of 2 times.
If you feel that your eyes are red or sucked in blood, splash them into the water without filling your eyes in the water as usual.

Exercise 2 Massage the eye sockets and the eye area.
Massaging the eye sockets and around the eye muscles helps to relax.
Do not press on the eyes or inside the eyes.
Position 1: Use the middle finger to press the corner of the eye and roll in a small circle clockwise, loop around the eye 2-3 times, then return to focus on the inner corner of the eye again by massaging from both eyebrows once, should contact 5 times each
Step 2: Rub the hot hand and compress the eye with the palm of your hand, then wipe the hand from the top of the eye, mix slowly, knead the temples slightly, do 2 times.

Exercise 3: Compressing the eyes with the palm of the hand.
                This exercise causes relaxation. Darkness helps the cells in the retina to rest during the day.
Method: 1. The airship hold both hands together and rub it down to heat the triangular handle, and then the two side grips.

Open your eyes for 1 minute at 1 - 16, take 16 breaths in and out, and close your eyes for at least 5 minutes (the longer the better).

Exercise 4. Exercise the eyes with a ball.
                The movement pattern of the muscles to move in all directions with long arm movements and alternating ball throws.
Exercise 1: Throw the ball into the shape of the letter "V".
Thrown to the ground and then blast both hands and get it by hand from playing more than 50 times - 100 times.

Exercise 2: Throw the ball up to form the letter "U".
Stand in a comfortable position, feet apart, hold the ball in one hand and throw it into the other.Repeat 50 to 100 times.

Training No. 5, cumulative privileges
Practice with the OM Charts helps memory, creativity, relaxes the brain, nape and head muscles.

Equipment :: A sheet of paper that has the shape of an om
Method :: Open your eyes, write once and close your eyes, write three times.

The first time holding an Oman-shaped paper about a foot from his eyes, looked at Singapore's own self, regretted drought, and immediately began writing the character in black followed by all the circular borders.
The second time, close your eyes and use memories of your last adventure at the end of December.
The third time, do the same thing twice. But I guess it's a dark green paintbrush
The fourth time, do the same as the third time. But think of it as a dark blue brush
For myopia
For farsightedness and older eyes, imagine writing the words

Exercise 6.Internal eye training
The camera takes pictures like a camera.

Equipment :: charts are circular, stacked in layers.

Method :: Practice gazing at the circle for 30-60 seconds at the black circle and tell yourself in your mind that 'Black in the center', with your eyes closed, you will see the focal point in the opposite color from black to black. White from white to black

Exercise 7 Practice combining images into one.
This exercise enhances the visualization of the work of the eye muscles in combining images using two eyes.

Equipment :: Cat Exercise chart. Suitable for people with myopia and astigmatism.
The circus chart (owl exercise) is suitable for people who want to photograph people who have to wear eyeglasses to read books that cannot see.
Small-large rectangular charts stacked together (Hi Square).

Method ::

It takes about a foot, the rest is about to hold the pen about 1/4 inch, look at the tip of the pen and try to put together a cat with a perfectly matched one, some might see a straight three-letter cat. The middle will be a complete cat, resting for 4 - 5 seconds.
Charity exercise as a new form of exercise in a nearby location, the exercises in a large variety of sizes on both sides are joined together in two circles, with the center circle being three-dimensional. Happened to look at the three-dimensional image for 5 - 8 seconds and then relax your eyes, practice combining images 2-3 times.
Look at the drawn figures, noting that the circles move closer together or overlap, pulling them in and out 3 to 4 times.
Snacks, designed to get impressive shots, are about 1/4 inch away, then combine the rectangles to form just 1 pair of large quadrilateral rhombuses, not separated.Repeat 3-4 rounds.
Practice combining images from all 3 charts.

The eyes look closer to each other, or the view is close.
Thickened intraocular lens
Smaller pupils

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