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Strona domowa: http://www.trendall.cn/
Identyfikator Google Hangouts: http://www.trendmaxcabinets.com/
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Bio: 鈽匫ur History
Trendall International Trading Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is located in Hangzhou, China, where is 2 hours driving from two main ports in China: Shanghai and Ningbo. We are an expert vendor in decorative LED lighting and we are supplying and serving many key retailors in the United States and Europe. We are providing customers from all over the world with innovation, cost competitiveness, quality goods, punctual delivery and after-sale service.

鈽匫ur Factory
Our manufacturing factory has over 15000 Square meters plant building, 8 production lines, includes 300 skilled workers and 20 experienced engineers. With 20 years experience in Decorative LED Lighting production;
Trendall International has also set up a subsidiary factory in Southeast Asia, with 8000 Square meters manufacturing facility. It is designed to be the assembling factory to assemble accessories from China. It can enjoy ZERO additional import duty from US custom and provide a good and flexible choice for our customers to save cost and improve their competitiveness.
鈽匫ur Product
Various micro LED Strings, patio Lights and Decorative Light Chains, lighted Trees and Lighted Home Decoration, lanterns and Candles etc.
鈽匬roduct Application
For Seasonal (Christmas, Halloween..)/ everyday/ Indoor and Outdoor decoration, decorating plaza,courtyard and shopping mall etc.
鈽匫ur Certificate
Test report available
CE/ RoHS/ LVD/ EMC/ EN 62471
Audit available
USA: Walmart / Home depot / Costco / Target / Ross
鈽匬roduction Equipment
1.welding machine;
2.Automatic computer strip bending machine;
3.Tin-Brush Machine;
4.chip mounter;
5.Blowing welding machine;
6.glue dispenser;
7.laser cutting machine;
8.automatic soldering machine
鈽匬roduction Market
Our quality products, Professional and efficient response, careful handling and short ETD.
All these enable us to win the trust from more and more customers all over the world,like Target,The home Depot,CVS health,Walmart,Costco and so on.
All of our products are CE /Rohs /LVD /EMC /EN 62471 compliant.
We can also handle issue for Europe and the USA Audit.
鈽匫ur Service
Trendall has professional R&D Team, Focusing on products鈥?design and enhancing technology innovation for the company.From product development, to the mass production control, we also have Rich Experience in Dealing Retailer Business Which Requires Factory Audit and complicated processing procedures.
In the process of production and operation,we always follow 鈥渜uality first, cost-effective鈥?as the cultural concept in company development.Polyester deer lighting decor manufacturers