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Bio: Tangshan Shangcheng Trading Co.,Ltd
Tangshan Shangcheng Trading Co.,Ltd, is a company and factory combination based sourcing company which specializes in ceramic, porcelain, fine bone china, new bone china, glassware and hardware products. We have serviced customers in south American, Australian, Europeanmarket, Middle East market and most Africa markets. We also hope to cooperate with more people from all over the world.
The range of products we offer in bone china,new bone china, porcelainware and stoneware can be from existing styles and designs or by creating custom designs to your specifications.
Our company consistently cherish and fellow the principle, quality first, reputation first to provide customers with its first-class products and services.
With the current virus outbreak,our company ecpended the business,so now I also can supply you safety and protection goods such as gloves, disinfector, hand soap and so on.
Our company located in Tangshan city, the northern bone china capital, near Tianjin and Beijing airport, thus has convenient traffic service.
Our Factory
Our factory main in Tangshan city, but also we cooperate with outside factories such as Shanxi, Shandong, Henan and so on
Our Product
Ceramic, porcelain, bone china, new bone china, glassware, hardware and gloves.

Product Application
Kitchen, daily use
Production Market
Domestic market, south American, Australia, European market, Egypt, Pakistan and most Africa markets. China China Tea Set