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Strona domowa: https://www.oasisdeluz.es/holiday-rentals-costa-blanca/restaurants-at-the-costa-blanca/
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Bio: OASIS de LUZ is located central to all beaches and Marinas from DENIA to ALTEA. Denia Town is offering so much to see, it would take several months to visit a substantial part of it. A must see is the old yacht harbor with the old castle on that big rock in front of it. Here also the ferries leave to IBIZA and MALLORCA. The harbor has been nicely restyled with restaurants and coffee places next to the yachts. On the other side you’ll find the new yacht harbor with discos, restaurants and bars along the yacht moorings. Here you dive in to this special ambiance of holiday, leisure, luxury, VIP, etc. Next to this Marina direction south you’ll find several small sandy beaches with coffee places along the sea.

Taking the road north along the sea there you find for many kilometers many small and larger beaches ending into an endless long beach till Oliva the next town.

Driving south from Denia you come to JAVEA (XABIA) with an own yacht harbor and many little Beach-Bars along the water-front until the ARENAL-Beach (sandy beach) with its promenade and many restaurants and bars along the beach.

A must see is further south the CALA GRANADELLA, a small bay deep in the rocks with crystal clear water and colors like at the Caribbean sea.

The next village further south is MORAIRA, the most charming little village around directly at the sea side. South of MORAIRA you find many mostly rocky little bays and beaches. Further south along the sea you will find CALA FUSTERA, a cosy little beach – worthwhile to visit.

Further south just before hitting CALPE there is a tiny Marina (yacht harbor) with two restaurants laying very pictures’.

CALPE with its big rock and high buildings is very impressive. It has two large beaches divided by a big rock in the water. Here you will find the unique situation that depending on the wind direction you always have on beach with waves (onshore wind) while the other beach has flat calm water (offshore wind).

So at this geographical NOSE pointing towards IBIZA you will find everything you expect from a holyday sea side. https://www.oasisdeluz.es/holiday-rentals-costa-blanca/restaurants-at-the-costa-blanca/