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Strona domowa: https://www.oasisdeluz.es/surrounding-area/
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Bio: Oasis de Luz is located in the center of this geographical “nose” between the cities DENIA and CALPE, which is pointing towards IBIZA island. From high situated places you can see IBIZA when the weather provides a clear sight.

Within a short ride by car (20 – 30 minutes) you will reach all the beaches and Calas between Denia and Calpe and come back into the green and the tranquility….back into nature.

Driving along the coast from Denia to Calpe you’ll find many beaches and Calas, all with their individual charm and identity, with restaurants, bars, coffee-places and Chiringitos (beach-bars) directly at the sea-side. You will also find several Yacht-harbors (Marinas) with their special ambience.

Only 4 km away from OASIS de LUZ you will explore the first small charmed village of LLIBER and only 1 Km further the a bit larger village JALON (Xalo) with its famous RASTRO (flea-market) every Saturday. Within a radius of 10 km you will find several villages – like Alcalali, Parcent, Orba with historical sights and good restaurants with typical Spanish and also international kitchens. You can drive up the mountains and find a nice restaurant at 1.200 m altitude with a fantastic view. Within 45 minutes ride you will find inlands waterfalls, lakes, narrow Canyons and on the coast small Calas and very long beaches.

This “nose” has a special micro-climate – attested by the WHO -, and especially people with arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, atopic dermatitis will find relieve here and feel within short a lot better.

The hilly surroundings are a preferred training-area for cycling and mountain-biker. In 2019 the course of the famous “Vuelta de España” is passing through LLIBER – the village next to OASIS de LUZ.

It is a special corner of Spain….. and worth-while to explore…. So come and see us. https://www.oasisdeluz.es/surrounding-area/