How do I set up the email on my Android phone?
13-10-2020, 14:20,
How do I set up the email on my Android phone?
I want to set up the email account on my Android phone. I want to make the best usage of this email service for my official communication. This email service is the best application that gives a unique and amazing experience to the users. Hence, I want to configure the account on my Android phone. Setting up the email account is not an easy task, so users should have technical expertise. Some users face some problems to configure this email account on their devices. Almost all users want to set up an email account in their smartphones. The same situation is with me, hence I am facing problems setting up email on my smartphone. With a few changes in the email settings, anyone can easily access the email account on their android phone. Configuring the email account in an android phone can be very tricky to the users first time, but with full and proper guidance, the setup could be completed successfully. I don't have complete knowledge about email settings, so it is clear that I am trapped in the middle of the setup procedure. So I am sharing this technical issue with online technical guys. So please share some easy tips to set up the account on my Android phone.

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